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   Never sign any contract offered to you without reading it carefully


 Anastasiou’’ Ltd offers Drawing up any kind of contract and ensures that you are signing something that protects your interests.


  A contract is a legally enforceable agreement giving rise to obligations for the parties to it. The four basic elements required for a contract to exist are:



  •  The contractor’s name, address and contact details (during the day and in an emergency). 
  •  Details of the contract parties 
  •  A start date and finish date for the work. 
  •  What happens if the contractor cannot complete the work for any reason – if it falls ill or goes out of business, for instance. 
  •  State that the contractor will comply with all statutory requirements, local and national regulations and by-laws. 
  •  Both parties must agree on who does what, when and for how much. You’re then covered if anything goes wrong 
  • An intention to create legal relations. 

Make sure that both you and the contractor have a copy of the signed contract before you go ahead with your project.

Whilst it is not a necessity that the contract is written, it is always advisable that it is written. This will ensure that the exact terms are recorded in writing, ensuring that all parties are clear about their obligations and any future disputes based on what exactly was agreed between the parties can be avoided as best as possible.


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