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"Anastasiou" ltd provides convenient, affordable legal services to people.

Register Company

“Anastasiou” ltd offers a complete range of incorporation services. 


,,Anastasiou’’ Ltd offers Drawing up any kind of contract and ensures that you are signing something that protects your interests.

Residence Card

“Anastasiou” ltd provides service to apply and satisfy all requirements to obtain a temporary/ permanent residence permit or citizenship of Georgia.


''Anastasiou'' ltd is a firm of professional Translators based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Accounting Service

”Anastasiou” ltd administrates several small and large companies in Georgia. 


“Anastasiou” ltd is a private agency that expedites your Apostille, Attestation, Authentication, Certification and Embassy Legalization requirements.

Real Estate

“Anastasiou ltd” Simplifying Land Buying & Land Selling, Home Buying & Home Selling.

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  “Anastasiou” Ltd is Leader Law Firm in Georgia since 2003. Until 2008 the company was known as “Lexiconi”.

Mr. Anastasios Anastasiou took full control of the company in 2008 and in a short period of time turned it into the largest Law Firms and Consulting companies in Caucasus and increased its activities in other fields too. Our International Law team has more than twenty years of experience in Europe, Middle East and in the area of Caucasus.

   Nowadays “Anastasiou” Ltd has three offices in middle districts of city Tbilisi and more than twenty full time employees. The «secret» of the smart development of the “Anastasiou” Ltd is that from the moment Mr. Anastasios Anastasiou took the full supervision of the company he invested firstly in «skilled labor» and in «change of mentality» in the field of the “customer’s service” and «quality of the offered service» . In our days “Anastasiou” Ltd has expanded in the area Accounting and Audit Services and Translations.

    In fact, quality is a part of each production stage and we monitor each stage closely. All internal and external staff is well aware of our strict requirements and we make sure that these are followed. We also evaluate our personnel on a regular basis.

    If you have any other questions about the company, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to answer any queries you may have.

 Our International Law team has more than twenty years of experience in Europe, Middle East and in the area of Caucasus.

    For inquiries please contact our departments or Contact Persons. 

Mr. Anastasios Anastasiou: Founder, Legal Adviser and Managing Director. 

Tel: (+995) 591 60 12 90, email: anastasios@lexiconi.net


Mrs. Irina Apkhazava: Director, Lawyer. 

Tel: (+995) 591 60 11 12, email: info@anastasiou.ge


"Anastasiou" ltd       (Head office)

Law Firm and Consulting

Mtkvari str. 6

0105, Tbilisi, Georgia

Tel: (+995 32) 293 22 35

Email: info@anastasiou.ge

Director: Irina Apkhazava


"Anastasiou" ltd

Translation Services

Tsereteli Ave. 65

0119, Tbilisi, GEORGIA

Tel/Fax: (+995 32)  234 13 75 

Email: info@lexiconi.net

General Manager: Natia Lagvilava



For further information, please contact  Mrs. Irina Apkhazava on (+995) 591 60 11 12,  or email us to info@anastasiou.ge